Infinity Asset Management Diversity and Strategy: Two Key Factors That Have Driven the Infinity Group to Success

It was 25 years ago, in São Paulo, Brazil, that Infinity Asset Management, and the Infinity Group, started as a brokerage firm.

Infinity Asset Management CEO: David Fernandez

CEO: David Fernandez

It became a licensed fund manager and investment company in 1999, and today prides itself on its tailor-made solutions. A lot of its flexibility, says CEO David Fernandez, is down to a strong and diverse team.

“We recruit a large spectrum of skilled individuals: professionals with extensive knowhow in the financial market,” he says. “We also develop young talent. Since the beginning of our journey, we have collected several awards with our fixed-income strategy, an important benefit for all kinds of investors seeking a diversified portfolio and steady and reliable returns.”

The Infinity Asset Management team seeks asymmetries in the domestic and offshore fixed-income markets, using liquid strategies: interest-rate markets and federal government bonds — “always seeking to preserve our investors´ capital”.

“We are specialists in the derivatives market (without leverage),” adds Fernandez, “and we don´t use debt strategies in our portfolios.”

The firm took action during the pandemic’s upheaval, bringing in new professionals to compose a high-performance, cross-functional team. Throughout its 25 years, the Infinity Group has achieved impressive performances thanks to its resilience and consistent management strategies.

The company policy is one of partnership, providing opportunities for employees through meritocracy and preserving professional talents. “This reinforces the commitment to securing the interests of clients and the success of the business,” Fernandez believes.

Investment committees, monthly newsletters, and weekly economic reports drive the investment process at Infinity Asset Management, with periodic media updates and a tireless drive to decipher the challenges of the world. Cutting-edge research practices validate and execute the firm’s investment principles.

ESG criteria have become the core of our strategy, so we are in the process of launching our first ESG fund, focusing on carbon-offsets land, reforestation, clean energy projects, water recovery and treatment.

“We have, and share, a commitment for excellence. We do our utmost to answer the most intricate questions in investment strategy, management, and corporate philosophy.”

Investment strategies include fixed income, equities, and hedge funds. Infinity Asset Management takes a top-down approach to balance diversification across its funds. “In addition to the management of liquid funds, we create tailor-made equity structures for organisational and fiscal optimisation, succession planning, governance and asset security.”

Despite recent market instability, Infinity’s results speak for themselves: a two-year return from three of its fixed-income funds. “We enable the achievement and refinement of the financial life goals our clients,” says Fernandez.

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