Founder & Executive Chairman of FLI Global Michael Flynn: On the ESG Front Line with a Solid Set of Values

 Founder and Executive Chairman of FLI Global Michael Flynn

Founder and Executive Chairman of FLI Global: Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn is the founder and Executive Chairman of FLI Global. A business that was created in the 1980’s is still an action oriented sustainable solutions provider in the front line of environmental protection and has adapted and changed as the business has grown and diversified.

FLI Global is a strong team of professionals with vast experience of designing, building and delivering sustainable solutions to reduce emissions to air, improve process wastewater in industrial and municipal applications for reuse and remediate contaminated land for both residential and commercial developments. It has also evolved into designing and manufacturing offsite modular precast concrete infrastructure for a range of applications in industry including new technical developments in data centre infrastructure and the design and manufacture of residential housing structures.

While the global ESG sustainable investment initiative did not exist until very recently, Michael has been influenced by his exposure to global environmental protection drivers since his early career as a project manager in the US in the 1980’s in the fledgling geosynthetics industry, and from that time on projects globally that led to him forming his own environmental services business in 1989.

Building a formidable and effective operational and leadership team takes time, patience, resilience and investment, and above all the creation of a stable foundation and belief in a vision based on a set of values that you live by. FLI Global represents those values of trust, openness and integrity in delivering quality services to all clients in a highly professional manner, by all staff across all disciplines of our business. FLI build relationships with clients by adding value through their creative approach to solving problems and delivering projects on time in a flexible, dependable, supportive and reliable manner.

Michael sees FLI Global positioned as an action oriented frontline delivery team directly engaged in the creation and delivery of sustainable solutions, as a partner of the extended ESG global community where making a difference to the greater good is the objective. Delivering on that objective requires financing, investment, technology and expertise. Sustainability costs money to implement but the costs of not investing in protecting our natural resources could amount to far greater monetary and social costs in so many ways. The current pandemic may be such an example of such a cost and one that was unforeseen less than one year ago. Mr Flynn is of the firm opinion that sustainable investment is very much a bottom line financial concern and that prudent and timely investment can enhance the financial performance of a wide range of organisations.

Michael is a family man, a leadership and performance coach and his interests outside business include road running, cycling and classic British motorcycles. Currently in the masters category of the running world he has several marathons, half marathons and 10k’s under his belt. His running discipline while part of regular exercise and relaxation is guided by the F.A.S.T. approach to improving and maintaining performance. The acronym stands for: Focus, Alignment, Stability and Timing. In his view these are essential and integral elements to improving performance and goal setting whether you are setting out to walk a mile, run a marathon or drive a business.

Change, Transition and Transformation all start with a Thought – and choosing to act on, or ignore that Thought is the gift of nature and sets us on a course in life.

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