An Exclusive Interview with Gabriel Chaleplis, Founder: The Leader That Makes Leaders

B2B GAMING SERVICES Founder: Gabriel Chaleplis

What helps to differentiate you from the competition?

Gabriel Chaleplis: Since the beginning of the internet, platform-providers around the globe faced a crucial challenge: Online betting and gaming can be a market of minute margins. In the last 20-plus years, very few companies managed to stay in the business, fewer still managed to maintain leading positions. The majority were spaced-out and marginalised along the way.

The key learning from this, is that we are in this one technology-intensive market, where the margin is not the objective. The objective is not that more people will lose their money, for companies in the business to increase their profits. We are in this one market that the margin may only be the result of an optimal operational architecture that places people and compliance first.

This being our philosophy, we never offered a unidimensional solution to our clients. Rather, we focused on excelling an agile and intelligent business model.

What are the key reasons for the success?

GC: Clients need to make important decisions on unknown factors. No platform can serve future needs on past ingredients. In my mind, the game of leadership is a sprint and a marathon at the same time.

I understand the key reason for our success to be that we research more and “do” less, in the traditional sense of trial-and-error. When clients get our solution, they are confident of a leading and sustainable matrix which triggers player fascination, is commercially-wise and socially-minded, but also empowered to inspire customers by transforming data into intelligence.

What to your mind will be the key market developments over the next three years?

GC: We live in the age of continuous connection. Hence, the experience offering will continue to be the battleground of our sector which will keep on witnessing exponential growth. We will see more of a personalised experience in real time, the rise of social gaming, as players will be more apt to share experiences with other players. Products will further embrace trends to the genre of fantasy sports. The worlds of “online” and “offline” will keep coming together in tighter enterprise solutions under the single drive of customer engagement.

Innovation is said to be the key to future success; how do you encourage an innovative culture?

GC: The company taps the maximum of the potential in our people, our clients and partners worldwide. We are a powerhouse for effectuating possibilities and carving new business standards. Innovation for us is not just about “doing things differently”. It is about cultivating the valid pathways for development, evangelising for positive change.

“We earn our leadership everyday.”

As a group, we have found it more important to focus on the means, instead of focusing just upon the ends of a subject. It is not technology for technology’s sake. We believe in data for good.

How are you protecting vulnerable gamblers?

GC: The key challenge with vulnerable players is to be able to help them effectively. First you have to be able to identify the incident through systems architecture in our platform. Next, you need to complete your assistance through customer services.

Our platform ensures locating the incidents early, through a 360-degrees preventive model, employed so that each identified case does not escalate or get out of control. This approach to compliance, responsible gambling and risk-management is a developing systems architecture which originated more than 20 years ago. Then, getting the customer information was passive, and problem gamblers were eliminated from the platform.

This model then progressed to an active paradigm, an equivalent to development of an immune system. Detectors were developed to lessen threat exposure and reciprocate with sustainable loops. Later we evolved into the pro-active architecture, which may best be described as the stage of data robots and multiple shields developed to address responsible gambling on various levels.

Currently, the architecture is progressing towards its intelligent future. What this means, practically, is that the system is able to utilise sheer volumes of data history and minimise the human intervention for detecting or addressing non-responsible gambling effectively, as well as minimising security risks to almost zero.

If you had to be away from your team and could only leave them with a piece of guidance, what would this be?

GC: With my team we have progressed from a dream, to a team, to the Dream Team. The one piece of guidance I have often shared with them is to keep on with their profound focus on excellence-in-action. We earn our leadership every day. And it’s all in the platform. i

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