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European Investment Bank: Investment Plan for Europe

Investment Plan for Europe – Paradigm Shift in the Use of Public Resources The Marshall Plan did much to inject life into the post-war recovery of Europe. Initially comprising $13 billion, mostly in direct aid, the plan constituted a substantial

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Michael Pettis: Money Is Not Created Out of Thin Air

A recurring conversation I have with clients concerns the ability of banks to create credit, and of governments to monetise debt, and whether this ability is the solution to or the cause of financial instability and economic crisis. Monetarists and structuralists

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James Zhan, UNCTAD: Investment – In Need of Direction

Fragmented, incoherent investment policies, and regulatory uncertainty are dampening investor confidence in an economic environment already fragile and bruised by weak global demand. Moreover, the extent to which investment and trade have become interlocked through the pervasive spread of global

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