A Tunisian Transformation: BIAT is Driven by Civic Duty, Concern for the Planet, and Prudent Risk-Avoidance

Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie implements strategic projects and initiatives — and meets with enviable success

BIAT’s financial performance attests to many positive things: the development dynamics of its strategic projects, its prudent risk-management policy, its cost control, its governance — and the ongoing commitment of its people.

The solid and resilient Tunisian financial institution has been able to maintain a growth trajectory in all its business lines. By taking advantage of technological advances, and with social responsibility at the heart of its strategy, BIAT consistently aims for dynamic but sustainable growth.


The bank’s governance system is constantly updated to align it with organisational changes and international best-practice. The result is efficient management and optimal operation while staying on the path to healthy and secure growth.

The transformation of the BIAT business lines has come about through the reorganisation of its corporate- and investment-banking activities. A new trading room has been set up, enabling the bank to broaden its range of financial products and services — and better support its clients. The trading room meets international standards, and — thanks to specialised talent, state-of-the-art tech, and a modern layout — helps BIAT clients by analysing their needs and proposing tailored solutions.

BIAT has been steadily implementing its digital transformation project, which is bearing fruit in terms of customer engagement and product innovation. New functionalities are constantly deployed with the aim of becoming the “benchmark digital bank”.

BIAT-(Banque-Internationale-Arabe-de-Tunisie)1sfwAs a responsible and civic-minded institution, BIAT places great importance on the strength of its societal commitments. It is only too aware of the importance of environmental issues in the development of a sustainable future, and has doubled down on that by joining the Africa Business Leaders Coalition. The initiative involves signing a climate statement to reaffirm an ongoing commitment to society, the economy, and the environment. BIAT has renewed its partnership with coastline and marine protection association La Saison Bleue. The BIAT Foundation, meanwhile, has undertaken the challenge of rehabilitating the Belvedere botanical gardens in Tunis.

BIAT is strong, as well as kind: it made it into the Top 100 African banks list published by African Business in 2022. It ranks first in the Tunisian banking system, and 38th in the whole of Africa — a jump of 12 places over the previous year.

Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie prides itself on being a solid and responsible organisation at the forefront of dynamic development. It maintains a focus on digital transformation and social responsibility, and attracts some of the world’s best experts to help it to promote responsible and sustainable growth.

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