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Film Review – Blonde: Is Marilyn Biopic a Bombshell … or a Bust?

“Monroe is more than a sex symbol in new film”, one headlined review of Blonde declares. That must be why actress Ana de Armas spends half of the movie wearing no clothes. Director Andrew Dominik is so passionate about teaching

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Many a Titter about Twitter as Musk Bungles his Big Purchase

Dust off your shovels! Elon Musk has bought himself into a $44bn hole, and you’re expected to dig him out of it…. Since Elon Musk’s official takeover of Twitter on October 28, the social media platform has been suspended in

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VR Headsets, Cyborgs and Legal Wrangles: Welcome to the Virtual Music World

AI takes a starring role in entertainment, from deceased stars performing from beyond the grave to digitally created rappers. What if you could harness the power of AI to create the perfect modern rapper? Well, someone tried — and the

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The Devil’s in the Detail for Prada, Which Never Goes Out of Fashion

Sustainability is the new watchword for a brand that’s staked its place in our imaginations and desires. For those who grew up in the noughties, the mention of Prada may call to mind Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, New York

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How Bernard Arnault Turned One Franc Into a Dynasty

French billionaire Bernard Arnault’s off-beat approach to business would be hard to replicate By KITTY WENHAM It started with one franc, one small acquisition. In 1984, Bernard Arnault purchased an almost-bankrupt textile company by the name of Boussac for one

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