Davos: Seizing the Moment – Or Not

The man himself was unable to attend the proceedings in Davos – he has other commitments, including an appointment with destiny next Friday. In his stead, the future disruptor-in-chief dispatched his wingman Anthony Scaramucci to Switzerland to make comforting noises.

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Nouriel Roubini: The Global Growth Funk

The International Monetary Fund and others have recently revised downward their forecasts for global growth – yet again. Little wonder: The world economy has few bright spots – and many that are dimming rapidly. Among advanced economies, the United States

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Mohamed A El-Erian: Is the Perfect Storm Over for Markets?

Earlier this year, financial markets around the world were forced to navigate a perfect storm – a violent disruption fuelled by an unusual amalgamation of smaller disturbances. Financial volatility rose, unsettling investors; stocks went on a rollercoaster ride, ending substantially

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IFC: Capital Markets Key to Development

Ending extreme poverty for good and building shared prosperity across the developing world takes money – a lot of money. Take infrastructure: for the foreseeable future, an estimated $50 billion per year is needed in Africa alone to deliver basic

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