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Klaus Schwab – Portrait of a Man on a Mission

Long before Google came up with the motto, Don’t Be Evil was the sort of maxim Professor Klaus Schwab regularly employed to remind students and businesspeople of their responsibilities beyond turning a profit. Prof Schwab (76) advocates for the stakeholder

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Davos: Getting It Right Some of the Time

Davos – Pundits and assorted others in-the-know flock to the Swiss mountain village Davos in their hundreds on an annual pilgrimage that aims to explain the state of the world – invariably described as worrisome – and offers ways to

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US Welcomed at Davos as the New Emerging Market

The annual meeting of top businessmen, leading public officials, and a host of other VIPs in Davos usually sees emerging markets claim centre stage and draw attention to the marvels of their booming economies. Save for China, at this year’s

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World Economic Forum: Who’s Packing for Davos

The ultimate networking event is set to kick off in a week with a record-setting 2,633 participants. The World Economic Forum (WEF) today released its list of invitees the organisation hopes to welcome in Davos, the posh Swiss ski resort

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World Economic Forum: Chile and Colombia Best in Entrepreneurial Vitality

Most advanced economies are lagging in entrepreneurial vitality. According to a report published last week by the World Economic Forum, the most ambitious and innovative businesspeople are to be found in emerging countries. The Leveraging Entrepreneurial Ambition and Innovation Report

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