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Lord Waverley and Paul Baker: The Promise, Potential and Pitfalls of Britain’s Relationship with Africa

The concept of Africa Rising is truer today than ever. Despite the pandemic disruption that has caused the continent’s first negative output growth in 27 years, Africa’s performance over the past decades has been remarkable. Many African countries have made

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Rokel Commercial Bank: This ‘Gateway’ Bank Named After a River Knows How to Flow and Grow

The Rokel Commercial Bank is a gateway to modern Sierra Leonean banking, the second-largest commercial bank in the country in terms of profit margins, depositors’ base and national coverage. After a decade of turbulence, the bank was restructured, recapitalised and

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United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS): Infrastructure to Empower Women

On the face of it, building a road is simply about connecting two points. In reality, a road is so much more. A well-placed road can improve access to schools, health facilities and justice services. It can mean a mother

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NEPAD: Boosting Africa’s Most Valuable Renewable Natural Assets – Fish

Sierra Leone’s fisheries sector, valued at 735 million US dollars, has received a boost from the Partnership for African Fisheries Programme (PAF), through 1,4 million US dollars disbursed by its West Africa Pilot Project (WAPP).  This intervention will provide direct

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