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Vladimir Putin Talks About BRICS

BRICS’ relatively new phenomenon attracts increased global attention due to the optimistic predictions about its development, especially against the backdrop of global crisis developments in the world economy. What is BRICS’ immediate and long-term significance for Russia? Is such a

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UNCTAD on Emerging Markets FDI Trends

Foreign direct investment (FDI) going into and out of the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – collectively known as BRICS – is mounting in global influence, according to a United Nations report released on March

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IMF Mission Reports Positive Developments in Georgia

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission visited Tbilisi from November 27 to December 12, 2012 for discussions on the first review of the economic programme supported by a blend of a Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) and Stand-By Credit Facility (SCF). The

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MIGA (World Bank): During the Storm – Shift from North to South FDI

By Manabu Nose and Moritz Zander[1] At MIGA (the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency) we see the principal near-term risks for emerging market foreign direct investment (FDI) on the supply-side of financing. Despite a rise of emerging market risk perceptions, demand

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CFI Top 25 Most Powerful Individuals in Emerging Markets 2012

Few will argue about Vladimir Putin being the most powerful man in emerging markets this year. On the back of his long term track record of domestic economic success and foreign policy strengths, he will soon be re-elected as President

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CFI Top 40 Billionaires in Emerging Markets 2012

The list is dominated by billionaires from the BRIC economies (65% out of the total number of billionaires). Of these, the Russian (and one Ukrainian) makes up more than half of the billionaires from BRIC economies and 38% of the

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