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Ma Yansong: The Modular Rhythms of Human Experience

“This guy should not be allowed to practice architecture.” Just one reaction, not atypical, to the biophilic designs of Chinese architect Ma Yansong whose work tends to evoke strong feelings. Seeking a novel – and radical – approach to the

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CFI.co Meets the CEO of XacBank: Bat-Ochir Dugersuren

Mongolia’s economy has been undergoing changes in recent years, and one of the challenges for its domestic banks is keeping up with the pace of growth. In line with this trend, XacBank has modified its strategy to adjust to the

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The World Bank Called for Tighter Economic Policies to Restore Economic Stability

In its newly released Mongolia Economic Update, the World Bank said that the Mongolian economy is facing challenges from the large balance of payments pressure and high inflation. The World Bank underscored that the economic vulnerability will likely continue under

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