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Mr Cameron Throws a Tantrum and Loses an Agenda

Politics must surely be one of the most fascinating of art forms. The levels of spin employed by artists to justify contradictory statements are at times mind-boggling. One of the current top-performers must be British Prime-Minister David Cameron. He has

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CFI.co Meets the CEO of Excellencia Investment Management: Ammar Dabbour

Mr Ammar Dabbour started his career in finance in 2001 and has since gained a broad scope of responsibilities ranging from clients’ risk analysis to financial advisor. The different activities undertaken to 2007 gave Mr Dabbour the opportunity to develop

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European Investment Bank: “Vienna Initiative” Keeps Credit Flowing

International financial institutions have joined forces to help calm economic turbulence and avert a collapse in the provision of credit to Central and South East European countries. Now in its second phase, the “Vienna Initiative” by the European Investment Bank,

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