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IFC: Ukrainian Refugees Access Finance via New Digital Data Corridors

Virtual channels among international financial institutions help refugees verify credit histories and re-establish their careers in host countries As a psychologist, speech therapist, and owner of a therapy practice in Ukraine, Maryna Usenko helped children find their voice. But after

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Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA: Growing Forests and Renewable Products to Fight Climate Change

With 2.6 million hectares of forest in northern Sweden and 50,000 in Estonia and Latvia, SCA is Europe’s largest private forest owner. SCA, whose head office is located in Sundsvall, was founded in 1929 from the merging of a number

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Reitan Convenience: Value-Based Leadership to Drive Sustainability Effort

With a 125-year history of convenience retailing, Reitan Convenience has an established and enviable position in the convenience market. With branches across seven countries in the Nordics and Baltics — and, with its franchisees, almost 14,000 employees — the group

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Russia – Moving Borders Politely

Vladimir Putin’s index finger is hovering over the, presumably red, button that activates nuclear Armageddon. The president of Russia threatened to bring the finger down should NATO further reinforce its defence of the Baltic States or make any attempt, covert

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