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Ernst & Young, Argentina: Tax Reform Affects Stocks and Dividends

On September 23 of last year a law (nr. 26,893) was introduced which significantly amend the Argentine income tax law. It was published in the Official Bulletin. As an introduction, the main amendments are aimed at levying income tax over

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Ernst & Young, Argentina: Legal Certainties in Argentina – Court Sides with Business

Sergio Caveggia and Leonardo Favaretto of EY explain the implications of the Spinna Argentina SRL case with regard to Income Tax Law and Argentine Business Associations Law and what current regulations say in these cases. Recently, the Federal Court of

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Ernst & Young, Argentina: Trusts, Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

By Horacio López Tax division partner at Ernst & Young Argentina On June 30, 2013, it will be a year since General Resolution No. 3312 became effective, and in July it will expire once again, this time for 2012. This

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M&A in Emerging Countries – Tax Risks and Opportunities

The Importance of Taxes in M&A Processes Companies are focusing more and more on the tax aspects of M&A. This focus is partly because tax authorities are scrutinizing transactions more closely than ever before. But this increase concentration is also

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