Finding the Inside Track to Sustainable Investment — it’s a ThirdWay Speciality

ThirdWay Partners, with offices in Kenya, London, Mozambique, South Africa and Spain, and expanding its presence in Argentina this year, is an impact investment and advisory firm that maintains a steady focus on creating inclusive sustainable development and impact.

CEO: Gonçalo Neves-Correia

CEO: Gonçalo Neves-Correia

The firm combines advisory services and principal investments, generating development finance and impact investment opportunities via sustainable development. in conversation with ThirdWay Partners CEO Gonçalo Neves-Correia… What are your hopes for ThirdWay, and the future of the sustainability/impact sector as a whole? 

GNC: Our vision is for ThirdWay to establish itself as a globally recognised firm, and a prominent brand at the crossroads of impact and business. This aligns with the evolving landscape, where sustainability has become integral to the operational fabric of businesses worldwide.

What are the mid to long-term challenges you face? 

One for the mid- to long term is effectively managing opportunities that come our way. As we navigate growth and demand increases for our services, maintaining a balance and ensuring strategic alignment will be crucial.

How do you see as the short- to mid-term prospects for the sector? 

We’re optimistic for 2024, especially with the anticipated upswing in climate investing, driven by the positive outcomes of COP 28.

What motivates and enthuses you?

ThirdWay’s rapid growth, and our position at the forefront of significant developments in sustainable capitalism. Equally motivating are the exceptional individuals in our team, as well as our strong relationships with clients and partners. This collective passion, professionally and on a personal level, fuels our enthusiasm.

What are the key strengths of the team?  

Its dedication and diversity, mirroring our strategic investments in the markets we operate in. Our team embodies professionalism, meticulousness when it comes to quality, and a collaborative spirit. We foster a culture of excellence.

How important is your support team? 

It’s crucial. ThirdWay has a history of driving growth and ambition through entrepreneurial thinking. The support team plays a key role in turning these goals into actionable plans, and ongoing success. They are invaluable, streamlining and boosting our efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the top priorities — for ThirdWay Partners, for the business world, and regarding sustainability in general? 

For ThirdWay and the broader business world, we focus on the future of work, and our collective efforts to address climate change. We anticipate a fundamental shift in the value of talent and work methodologies over the next five years — and we emphasise the need for significant investment. Failure to achieve and develop that could widen the gap between developed and less-developed labour markets. There is also an urgent need for a reduction in carbon-intensive habits at the corporate and society levels.

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