Meets Fady Jamaleddine


Fady Jamaleddine

Fady Jamaleddine (FJE) is the Founding Partner of MENA City Lawyers – MCL Lebanon, whereby he brings to the team over 25 years of experience. Prior to creating MENA City lawyers, FJE headed a prominent Lebanese law firm.

FJE leads a large team of local and international lawyers, and is the driving force behind the growth of MCL, and the desire to establish and strengthen the most prominent Global Pan-Arab law firm.

FJE has extensive experience in Banking, Commercial and Corporate law, Real Estate and Construction and is responsible for handling and assisting MCL’s most high-profile international and local clients. He also works extensively in the field of Intellectual Property, and has created a service unmatched within the MENA region providing not only the monitoring, mitigation and management of Intellectual property, but a service whereby an undertaking is made to ensure that all compliance, language translations and any proscriptions offered meet with the requirements and local laws of the region.

FJE’s wealth of experience stems from his years of acting as Counsel for some of the world’s largest multi-national corporations conducting business in the Middle East region, coupled with his provision of legal services and advice to numerous Governmental entities throughout his long and successful career.

MCL Lebanon was built on an idea that FJE personally intended to create a truly Pan-Arab law firm, founded on a strategic regional knowledge base and network and thereby creating a practice able to compete with the most successful Global firms. His management oversight has ensured that MCL Lebanon has fast become one of the largest, premier and most successful law firms in the region.

“Fady Jamaleddine has also been instrumental in creating the first Code of Ethics for Lawyers in commercial practice within the region, and constantly strives to ensure MCL Lebanon is renowned for it’s corporate responsibility in all aspects of it’s practice.”

Multi-lingual, FJE provides advice and assistance in Arabic, English and French on a daily basis, offering clients the utmost professional service, and relying on his large team of lawyers and partners to assist him on the most complex of cases.

FJE has also been instrumental in creating the first Code of Ethics for Lawyers in commercial practice within the region, and constantly strives to ensure MCL Lebanon is renowned for it’s corporate responsibility in all aspects of it’s practice.

FJE has authored numerous articles, and has also created an Islamic Finance lexicon offering insight and guidance to his International clients, unfamiliar to the terms and practices intrinsically linked with the Islamic Finance sector.

FJE is an extremely accomplished individual, who has traveled extensively, and possesses a great understanding of numerous global cultures, affording him skills and attributes which permit him to provide unmatched services to any of his clients.

FJE has actively sought to promote the issue of Human Rights throughout the years of his corporate practice in the Middle East Region. He was instrumental in launching the MCL Annual pro bono initiative. FJE also successfully inaugurated the first Lebanese Association for Human Rights. He drafted and implemented a Code of Ethics within his MCL network, and remains committed to the development of the legal sector in Lebanon. FJE truly does encompass the skills and qualities of one of the most forward thinking practitioners in the MENA region.

On a personal level, FJE runs a large, successful Bio-experimental farm in the Bekaa valley of Lebanon. This farm has seen the implementation of a solar panels initiative and continues to strive for novel, organic planting. FJE is a true champion of development within his home country.

FJE’s ambitious plans for MCL Lebanon have assured that his firm will continue to grow and retain the title as the most prominent and most successful Pan-Arab law firm for many years to come. i

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