Copernicus Wealth Management: A Winning Recipe for Remarkable Growth

Copernicus Wealth Management was founded in 2016 and since then the company has enjoyed a rapid growth. CEO Marco Boldrin, as a good Italian, compares the success to the culinary art: “As in a cooking recipe, what provides the quality of the end result is the proper mix and balance of ingredients. Certainly our ambition – and our vision – of being a centre of excellence with regard to financial services and becoming a hub for other asset managers within the Swiss financial centre and economy environment, is proving decisive.”

Copernicus Wealth Management CEO: Marco Boldrin

CEO: Marco Boldrin

Another key factor that makes growth sustainable over time is the entrepreneurial spirit that characterises not only the partners but also the other members of the organisation. Last but not least, the team believes in what they do and how they do it.

Having grown to a team of fifty, the company has put in place a well-organised delegation process, sharing and involving colleagues in the decision-making process. Knowing that it is the people who make the difference allows them to share responsibility and foster a feedback culture on a daily basis.

Boldrin believes resolutely in not just meeting, but exceeding clients’ expectations:

“This is definitely our aspiration. I believe it is of utmost importance listening to the customer and understanding his or her needs in order to provide with the most appropriate tailor-made solution.”

Copernicus Wealth Management has certainly met the challenge of the recent pandemic and has managed a merger, a takeover and further expansion since 2020. I asked him how they had managed that:

“As is often the case, it is precisely in times of uncertainty and difficulty that the best opportunities emerge, and they have to be seized. Believing in one’s own vision, business model and capabilities as well as seeing the change as an opportunity and not as a risk is what allows you to navigate even in stormy waters while keeping your course towards the destination. Pragmatism, analytical and decision-making skills, and let’s face it, even a bit of healthy entrepreneurial recklessness, have enabled us to pursue our growth targets. Even in the current difficult international and macroeconomic environment, we continue with our process of consolidation and sustainable growth.”

Opening an office in Zurich has been a major step in becoming a player at the Swiss level, while preserving its roots and also developing expertise and attracting talent from the South of the Alps. Having an active presence in Zurich is essential to that end.

When I asked Boldrin if the company’s expansion would lead to a broader offer of services, he explained that Copernicus’ growth is focused more on clients than on expanding its range of products.

Given the Zeitgeist, we at are always interested in ESG investments. He expressed enthusiasm on this point:

“ESG issues are definitely becoming more and more relevant, and we too are keeping up with this trend by developing products and services that are in line with the market standards. Besides this, as a company we are also directly involved in financially supporting environmental and social initiatives in the local area. Last but not least, in terms of governance, the chairperson of our board of directors is a woman.”

That Copernicus Wealth Management has managed to grow so exponentially in these turbulent times demonstrates the dedication and ingenuity of the team and certainly augurs well for the future.

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