Care, Fairness, Trust, and Respect Allow Copernicus to Look Beyond

Deep financial expertise and a holistic approach to business drive Swiss firm’s expansion

Independent financial group Copernicus is true to its name: it puts its clients firmly at the centre of the business universe.

Founded in Switzerland in December 2016, Copernicus has offices in Lugano and Zurich. The group is majority-owned by its founding partners, and is comprised of Copernicus Wealth Management, Finpartner Financial Services, and Thalia Capital Advisors.

Copernicus, Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland: Via al Forte 1

For large and complex estates, Copernicus deploys all aspects of its expertise to care for clients’ assets. Services range from wealth- and succession planning and family office services to asset management, risk advisory, and consolidated reporting.

Firmly established in a stable business environment and supported by a loyal client base and a skilled team, Copernicus focuses on the efficient delivery of holistic expertise to create value over time.

To ensure the quality of its products and services, Copernicus supports and encourages staff training and education, at all levels. Complementary skills are key to the group’s united corporate culture, with transparency, feedback, and knowledge-sharing as the norm.

Marco Boldrin, Copernicus

Chief Executive: Marco Boldrin

Banking on these qualities, the group is on a strategic expansion path, looking to grow its business organically and by external lines. Chief executive Marco Boldrin says he has great faith in the strength of the Copernicus team “and in our experience in providing support to clients”.

Individual attention means that various degrees of complication in clients’ wealth structure can be ironed-out and simplified. In the current environment, many independent actors in Switzerland are required to structure their companies in response to the broader scope of regulation.

At the same time, selected banks’ stability is being put into question, says Boldrin. “We see a real opportunity to grow our business substantially within Switzerland, catering to the same type of clients that form our current strategic target.

“Our values speak to the concerns that wealthy clients and families have in the current, unstable environment. Among that set of values, ‘care’ is the standout: an expression of how we stand out in a crowded market.

“At the heart of our growth ambitions is the skillset of our team, delivered in an independent way, free of product- or service constraints. We seek growth by external lines, with similarly minded professionals. We’re open for dialogue with prospective partners in Switzerland or abroad, and we welcome any opportunity to present our vision.”

Copernicus Wealth Management, authorised since 2017 by the Swiss Financial Market Authority as a manager of collective assets, offers dedicated fund vehicles for the management of personal wealth, and manages a set of funds for external distribution.

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