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Matchmaking Private Finance and Green Infrastructure

The contrast between the scarcity of investments in infrastructure and the excess of savings invested in liquid and low-return assets in the global economy must be dealt with. Greening infrastructure in emerging and developing economies would benefit from being able

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Oleksiy Vadaturskyy: A Business Legend of Modern Ukraine

NIBULON’s achievements in the global market and in complex investment projects are results of well-organised work, professionalism and long-term and consistent team efforts. Also vital are the support of reliable partners – and the strategic vision of manager, founder and

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Agustín Carstens: Central Banker of Central Banks

In an unexpected volte-face, BIS (Bank of International Settlements) general manager Agustín Carstens agreed that cryptocurrencies do not, after all, pose a risk to the global financial system. Carstens is finally paying attention to a phenomenon he previously discarded as

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Mukhisa Kituyi: Growing Intra-African Trade Flows

What Africa sells to Africa has significantly more value than what the continent sells to the wider world – mostly commodities whose prices are determined on distant shores and cannot be controlled by the producers. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of the

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Paul P Andrews: Keeping Up with Fast-Changing Equity Markets

The second annual World Investor Week (WIW) kicked off early October with a global initiative to improve the education and protection of investors. Regulators, exchanges, investor associations, and other stakeholders in more than 80 countries joined forces to launch a

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