Nigerian Stock Exchange Becomes a Full Member of World Federation of Exchanges

nseFULLOctober, 2014, Seoul, Korea: The Nigerian Stock Exchange (“the NSE”), today, announced that it received a unanimous vote for admission as a full member in the World Federation of Exchanges (the “WFE”), the global trade association for the operators of regulated securities exchanges.

The NSE was elected as a Federation member during the 54th General Assembly and Annual Meeting of the WFE held in the capital city of Korea, Seoul, on 28 October 2014. The NSE is the first West African stock exchange to be granted full Federation membership status.

Mr. Oscar N. Onyema, OON, Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Stock Exchange commented: “We are very proud that the NSE has been granted full World Federation of Exchanges membership status. This is a positive step towards our integration with global financial markets. We put in a lot of hard work, and we have cultivated excellence in our day-to-day operations, which has earned us this recognition amongst our peers in this notable global trade association.”

The WFE’s vote for full membership came through a series of assessments. On September 15-16, the NSE was visited by a WFE inspection team in Lagos. The inspection team consisted of the Federation and member exchanges. The team met with the NSE’s management team and several key stakeholders, specifically the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS), two corporates and other market operators.

“We are very proud that the NSE has been granted full World Federation of Exchanges membership status.”

– Oscar N. Onyema

Mr. Onyema added: “WFE membership is an important reference for many international investors. This membership status reflects the exchange’s commitment to implementing the highest standards of international best practices. Our ambition is to become the foremost Stock Exchange in Africa, and today is an important step in that journey.”

Ms. Nicky Newton-King, Chief Executive Officer of the JSE, Ltd. and member of the Board of Directors at the WFE, commended the Nigerian Stock Exchange, stating: “This membership has been a long road for the Nigerian exchange. The WFE Review Committee tasked with their application commends them for the attention they have paid to putting in place the regulatory and technological infrastructure necessary, both for the NSE to meet global standards, as well as to position the Nigerian Stock Exchange for future growth. It is this very significant, concerted effort by the team over the last three years that earned them the recommendation. We welcome them on board.”

Ms. Yvonne Emordi, Head of Strategy at the NSE and team lead for the Exchange’s WFE membership project also remarked: “This is indeed a wonderful achievement. It sets the tone for the upcoming Asia tour the Nigerian Stock Exchange will kick-off in early December this year, to introduce our market to Asian fund managers with frontier and emerging market investment strategies. The 5-day tour will start in Singapore on December 1, 2014. ”

Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Snapshot

Q3 2014
52-Week Change
(Oct-2013 to Sep-2014)
Total Market Capitalization [1] $115.68 bn 6.92%
Equities Market Capitalization [2] $83.10 bn 16.77%
Bonds Market Capitalization $32.57 bn -12.06%
NSE 30 Index 1,882.26 9.68%
NSE All Share Index 41,210.10 12.64%
NSE Lotus Islamic Index 2,725.87 5.86%
NSE Banking Index 425.15 9.25%
NSE Consumer Goods Index 1,032.43 -0.02%
NSE Insurance Index 149.19 8.06%
NSE Oil/Gas Index 460.84 152.17%
NSE Industrial Index 2,736.83 23.88%
NSE ASeM Index 951.09 -1.17%
Total Volume (Q3) 26.78 bn 22.67%
Total Value Traded (Q3) $2.70 bn 124.17%
Avg. Daily Volume (Q3) 418.51 mn 22.67%
Avg. Daily Value Traded (Q3) $42.11 mn 124.17%
Avg. Daily Transactions (Q3) 4886 -4.03%
Turnover Velocity (Q3) – Equities (%) [3] 12.97     








Avg. PE Ratio (Weighted) – Equities 20.3
No. of Listed Companies 192
No. of Preference Shares 3
No. of Listed Investment Funds [4] 5
No. of Listed Equities 200
No. of Listed Bonds 55
No. of Listed ETPs 2
No. of Listed Securities 257
No. of Trading Days 64
Exchange Rate (Naira:USD) 163.80

[1] Figure includes equities, ETFs and bonds.

[2] Figure includes shares listed on ASeM (N4.0 billion market cap).

[3] Total Equity value traded (turnover) divided by Equities market capitalization (WFE).

[4] Investment funds include unit trusts, closed-end funds, investment trusts and all collective investment funds.

About the NSE

The Nigerian Stock Exchange services the largest economy in Africa, and is championing the development of Africa’s financial markets. The Exchange offers listing and trading services, licensing services, market data solutions, ancillary technology services, and more. The Nigerian Stock Exchange continues to evolve to meet the needs of its valued customers, and to achieve the highest level of competitiveness. It is an open, professional and vibrant exchange, connecting Nigeria, Africa and the world.

About the WFE

The World Federation of Exchanges is the trade association for the operators of regulated financial exchanges. With 60 members from around the globe, the WFE develops and promotes standards in markets, supporting reform in the regulation of OTC derivatives markets, international cooperation, and coordination among regulators. WFE exchanges are home to more than 45,000 listed companies. With its headquarters in London, The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) acts as a central reference point for the securities industry, and for worldwide exchanges. They offer member guidance for member exchanges business strategies, and help in the improvement and harmonization of their management practices.


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