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Otaviano Canuto, IMF: Trade Opening Could Be a Source of Growth for Brazil

International trade has undergone a radical transformation in the past decades as production processes have fragmented along cross-border value chains. The Brazilian economy has remained on the fringes of this production revolution, maintaining a very high density of local supply

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MIGA (World Bank): FDI – Treading Carefully into Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations

More than 1.5 billion people – about one in five of the global population – live in what the World Bank Group terms “fragile and conflict-affected situations” (FCS). For many investors, these countries are “no-go” zones due to their weak

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World Bank Group: Remittances – A Vital Channel for Global Cash Flows

Envision the world economy as a complex, interconnected array of financial engines whose propulsion helps reinforce one another’s momentum. One of the component engines is a small but significant one that, until a few years ago, was not recognised for

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World Bank MENA Chief Economist: Towards a New Social Contract in the Middle East and North Africa

By Shanta Devarajan A snapshot of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region today reveals a diverse and discouraging picture (Figure 1). Syria, Iraq, and Libya are suffering from violent conflict that has devastated people’s lives, infrastructure, and national

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Otaviano Canuto, World Bank Group: Navigating Brazil’s Path to Growth

Brazil’s macroeconomic management faces four major immediate challenges. The response to them will be strengthened if economic agents could have some indication of how the Brazilian economy will be steered back to a growth route. The first challenge will be

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Otaviano Canuto, World Bank Group: Liquidity Glut, Infrastructure Finance Drought and Development Banks

The world economy faces huge infrastructure financing needs that are not being matched on the supply side. Emerging market economies, in particular, have had to deal with international long-term private debt financing options that are less supportive of infrastructure finance.

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Otaviano Canuto, World Bank Group: Commodity Super Cycle to Stick Around a Bit Longer

Some analysts have predicted that the commodity price boom has played itself out. However, natural resource-based commodity prices (with the exception of shale gas and its downward pressure on US natural gas prices) have remained relatively high over the last

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World Bank Group: “Customer is King” – Toward More Effective Development?

“Customer is King” is an old business saying that accentuates the importance of customers in every business. The private sector generally knows that satisfied customers are cheaper to serve and easier to deal with while unhappy customers will result in

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World Bank Group: A Promising New Resource for Development – The Potential of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Mobilizing finance for long-term, large-scale direct investment in development is a daunting global challenge. However, a growing and potentially vast source of capital seems poised to transform the process of financing development, reducing poverty and building shared prosperity in some

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The World Bank: Local Currency Bonds Catch On as Countries Aim to Catch Up

Two years ago, the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation tried something that had never been done in the Dominican Republic. In a bid to increase access to finance to entrepreneurs and home-buyers, the Bank Group’s private sector arm became

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