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Article 50 Invoked: For All the Wrong Reasons

Driving a wedge right down the middle

Otaviano Canuto, World Bank: Global Imbalances on the Rise

Discussions around large current account imbalances among

Davos: Seizing the Moment – Or Not

The man himself was unable to attend

Davos 2017: Globalists Hail President Xi Jinping

This week, China debuts on the world

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CFI.co Magazine is a quarterly print publication that brings readers a unique blend of editorial content. Reporting on business, economics and finance, CFI.co recognises that the traditional distinction between emerging and developed markets is now far less meaningful as world economies converge. Headquartered in London, the world’s most successful multicultural city, CFI.co brings you coverage and analysis of the drivers behind change. Combining the views of leading multilateral and national organisations with thought leadership from some of the world’s top minds – our dedicated editorial team ensure that readers better understand the forces influencing and reshaping the global economy.

A Uniquely Targeted Global Distribution

  • Paid Subscription
  • Direct distribution to: Leading CEOs, Government and Multilateral Organisations
  • CFI.co Global Business Leaders Controlled Circulation is a segment of our distribution programme and reaches 1,000 of the most senior executives at the world’s largest companies. This business elite controls combined annual turnover and assets under management in excess of $33 trillion and copies of CFI.co Magazine are delivered direct to the offices of named individuals
  • CFI.co Magazine offers significant bonus distribution at major events, exhibitions and conferences around the world
  • Approximate Readership: 124,000 per issue
Geographical breakdown of readership

Geographical breakdown of readership


Industry breakdown

Industry breakdown of readership

CFI.co readers are predominantly senior decision makers (62% in a C-level or equivalent management role).

Advertising Rates 2017

Format Cost
Double page spread £23,000
Single page (ROP) £14,000
Single page special placement £16,900
Back Cover £18,900
Special formats, inserts etc. On request

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