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As Cryptocurrencies Tank: The Future of Blockchain is Hard Asset-Backed

New type Asset Backed Tokens (ABT) ICOs are part of the value creation of the future for blockchain technology. Ridding the market of fraudulent tokens and new regulation is on the horizon. Some immediate questions: Coming Collapse of Major Crypto

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The Current Crypto Bear Market & The Future of Blockchain – Asset Backed Token (ABT) ICOs

The current crypto bear market is due much to the network value well exceeding the number of transactions at the end of last year. The last time this happened was in late 2013 and resulted in a correction that did

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CryptoEvolution™: Why Bitcoin Will Overtake Fiat

First, There Was QE Two things happened after the financial collapse of 2008. First, the US Federal Reserve started printing money in furious fashion to rescue banks and businesses “too big to fail.” The extreme amounts of excess capital which

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