Tactical Management: Global Goals and Expertise, Specific Focus on Looking After Client Needs


General Manager: Raphael Nagel

Tactical Management provides — as the name suggests — strategic management support.

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses operate in an ever-evolving environment of cross-border challenges. Tactical Management is dedicated to helping enterprises seeking to venture into overseas markets to find new ways to stimulate growth and maximise potential.

It does this in global markets and operates in nine countries, with associates in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe. Tactical Management has tackled 27 projects since its inception, providing 1,784 jobs and attracting $749m of investment. It operates in three main business divisions: Private Equity, Corporate Structuring and Multi-Family Office.

Tactical Management also acts as a global and independent private equity firm. The team applies its collective skills and experience to serve clients across multiple industries. It focuses on its clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, operations, transformation, advanced analytics, global understanding, mergers and acquisitions and sustainability — across all industries and geographies.

Tactical Management is one of the leading signature corporate structures company and manage all aspects of corporate structuring for companies, partnerships and trusts. The firm has built an enviable reputation for advising on schemes of arrangement and cross-border mergers of regulated businesses.

The range of experience of its team grants the firm a in-depth understanding of the corporate requirements of each client group. Tactical Management also understands the need to deliver swift and innovative solutions, providing the opportunity to remain competitive in fast-changing markets by using the advantages of different jurisdictions.

Against the changing backdrop of digital innovation and the investment landscape, multi-family offices worldwide are in need of an update to meet the demands of ultra-high-net worth individuals and families. Tactical Management goes beyond wealth management and works on a bespoke service delivery model by removing any conflict of interest and taking charge with asset management advice.

The firm brings functional expertise to the table, coupled with a holistic perspective, unbiased financial advice, timely execution, cost-effective solutions and a strict focus on client confidentiality.

Tactical Management assembles a global network of multidisciplinary systematic thinkers to design and deliver a specialised, personalised service.

Meet the Team

Raphael Nagel is Tactical Management’s general manager, with vast experience in the finance industry. He has held senior management positions in international banks and investment funds over a period of more than 17 years.

His multidisciplinary academic background in Germany, UK and Spain and global knowledge in Law and Economics has contributed to his success in strategic planning, global networking, economic improvements and goal attainment. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business and Corporate Law, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and he is on the way of receiving his Doctor’s Degree in Engineering and Management of the Natural Environment, and he has a Specialisation in Refinancing and Business Restructuring

Veronica Cabrera, executive director, is a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record in generating and building relationships. She has managed projects from conception to completion and has a deep understanding in M&A process and debt restructuring. Cabrera leads and oversees the Dubai office’s experts and is driven by results. She holds a degree in Law, Economics and Study in Refinancing and Business Restructuring.

Business development specialist Fatima Sotto has years of experience in the field, working closely with managers in collective systematic planning strategies. She is team leader in SME companies in the UAE and Philippines. She holds a degree in Industrial Engineering Management.

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