It’s a Wrap! Containers Printers has the Industry Covered — but it’s just not Content to Rest on its Laurels

Driven by the conviction that sustainability is central to the future of business, CEO Amy Chung keeps her eyes on the horizon

Early in her tenure as CEO of Singapore-based packaging company Containers Printers (CP), Amy Chung identified three key trends to be addressed if the company was to remain competitive: environmental sustainability, increased standardisation, and digitalisation.

Amy Chung, Containers Printers CEO

CEO Amy Chung

The company was already at the top of its game, recognised for its established presence in the sector based on its digital footprint, size, years in operation, and overseas presence. But Chung could see that growing concerns around climate change. That, and the worldwide move towards the circular economy, were bound to change the industry, and business more broadly.

Companies would need to demonstrate commitment to improving sustainability. Adopting international standards was the new imperative, with increasingly integrated supply chains requiring compliance with end-market requirements. Chung knew it would be necessary to ensure transparency and facilitate co-ordination.

The move towards “Industry 4.0” was giving her a glimpse of how factories of the future might operate, and how fresh opportunities could be created by connecting with suppliers and customers.

Amy Chung set out to transform the company via three pillars: technology and the development of new products and services, human capital development, and client acquisition. These avenues would support transition to a more innovative, collaborative, and sustainable company. They would also require significant investments in people, processes, and equipment — and a multi-year change-management process.

Fast-forward almost a decade, and CP has transformed itself into a process- and standards-driven organisation that leverages real-time operational data from IoT devices linked to production lines across its factories.

The company has expanded its customer base to include leading brands in the nutrition and medical industries. It launched digital services, including brand protection, supply-chain intelligence, and customer engagement. All this was made possible by investing in new printing technologies to uniquely identify each product.

CP offers a full range of sustainable packaging solutions, including high performance, recyclable laminates that meet the most demanding applications. The company has also launched lifecycle assessment services, including product carbon-footprint reporting to reliably measure, report, verify, and improve the environmental impacts of all products and production systems.

Under Amy Chung’s leadership, Containers Printers has made substantial efforts to achieve corporate sustainability. The company has a dedicated team working towards ongoing environmental improvements — and has been recognised many times for its achievements. In 2021 and 2022, CP was awarded the LowCarbonSG logo by the UN-backed Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) — recognition of its progress in measuring, monitoring, and reducing emissions.

What began just less than 10 years ago with a few key insights and a willingness to engage with a potentially challenging future has led to a remarkable transformation — and a journey towards sustainability that is far from over.

Containers Printers, founded in 1981, is a leading packaging solutions provider specialising in a wide range of high-quality flexible laminates and metal packaging products. It serves global brands in markets around the world, including Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

CP is an ACRA-registered entity. Online searches reveal a company that is “assessed to have a high spending power, taking into account its revenue, growth, profitability, funding, headcount, (and) technology procurement”.

This one is one of those companies that “does what it says on the tin” — and aims to retain that straightforward approach, and entrenched values.

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