PGM Global Inc: Global Recognition Rewards Niche Services, Transition Management, and a Comprehensive Strategy

PGM Global Inc was founded in Canada as an institutional, agency-only broker-dealer — and for more than half a century, it has provided expertise to institutional clients around the world.

Continual evolution has allowed the firm to meet the needs of its extensive client base. Most recently, it added a temporary asset-management service to its core services.

“As a private, employee-owned firm, we are committed to serving our global clients — over 200 strong,” says CEO Patrick Belland. “We focus on a few select services: global securities execution, transition management and global portfolio strategy.”

PGM Global prides itself on a comprehensive offering, and emphasises excellence. “We work with our clients from the initial stage of global portfolio advice through to implementation,” says Mario Choueiri, head of Global Transition Management. Choueiri has been with PGM for 15 years and has guided the firm’s expansion into the US, a process now in its eighth year. “The focus is on rigorous project management, coupled with unparalleled client communication,” he says.

“The success of the business has been driven by commitment and dedication to client goals. We tailor our service offering to best meet our client needs, and always provide full transparency on our pricing and trade execution.”

Aidan Garrib, head of Global Macro Strategy and Research, believes global financial markets are so intertwined that even bottom-up investors need to consider the macro in their investment process. “Our ability to distil the important drivers of financial markets and communicate their impact to investors has never been more important,” he says.

“The opportunity to provide a differentiated global portfolio strategy service motivates our team to provide custom work. Clients’ investment needs have become broader and more complex, driving the need for truly global advice.”

“By combining our services and working together, we’re able to meet those demands and help them to meet their investment objectives and implementation needs.”

Belland adds: “Under the leadership of Mario Choueiri and Aidan Garrib, we offer a client experience that remains fully transparent and conflict-free.”

Belland has been with the company for close to 30 years, through many changes and challenges. “Respect and communication are the foundation of our culture,” he says. “As a leader, I strive to ensure that employees are included and engaged in our overall mission, making sure that recognition comes from teamwork and client satisfaction.

“By encouraging employee ownership, we strengthen that level of commitment and sense of worth. Having employees bring ideas forward and lead new initiatives creates a broad sense of leadership.

“Communication, respect and recognition provide the opportunity for everyone to be a leader.”

PGM aims to extend its leadership in a niche market by remaining client-centric, and truly global.

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