Victor Buck Services – 20 Years of Experience in Outsourcing Services: A Strong and Flexible Global Partner for the Financial, Healthcare, Insurance and Telco Industries

Victor Buck Services CEO Edith Magyarics

Victor Buck Services CEO: Edith Magyarics

Since its foundation, Luxembourg-based Victor Buck Services has been providing solutions that allow customers to simplify their communication channels.

The company provides scalable and flexible solutions including outsourced printing, mailing, archiving and scanning. For the past 20 years, it has gained recognition as a strong outsourcing partner, asserting its values and demonstrating its ability to meet customers’ current and future needs.

Victor Buck Services, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg Group, has changed considerably since it was founded in 2000. The company now employs 220 people, and the services in its portfolio have evolved and diversified over the years.

Victor Buck Services has three main areas of expertise in the outsourcing field: Customer Communication Management, to cover a complete value chain of information/data exchange between various entities, companies and their customers; Content Services for managing the entire lifecycle of information, from initial publication to storage and legal archiving; and Document Outsourcing Services, including digital mail rooms enabling companies to free-up internal resources and focus on their core business.

Certifications and Eexpertise

Victor Buck Service holds ISO 27001 certification and PSF accreditation (Professionnels du Secteur Financier). This is the Luxembourg scheme that ensures secure and confidential data processing in the financial sector, subject to the same regulator supervision and scrutiny as banks.

Victor Buck Services’ customers include large corporations and companies in the financial sector. Its clients are mainly investment funds, public utilities, telecommunications providers, insurance companies, healthcare providers and other major organisations from public and private sectors.

Expertise, Innovation & Sustainability

Victor Buck Services offers its customers a complete value chain solution designed to optimise the management of data over multiple communication channels.

“We offer security, and control the dissemination and accessibility of data,” explains Arnaud Wulgaert, the firm’s COO. “We strive to create long-term value for our customers by constantly improving our understanding of their business environment — and their strengths.”

Victor Buck is also an innovator in the field of electronics, and has developed cutting-edge technology that enables the printing of circuits boasting RFID or NFC chips on recyclable paper. Based on recyclable substrates and produced using a low-waste process, this made-in-Luxembourg, environmentally friendly technology is very much part of the company’s CSR initiative.

The company’s operations are directed from its head office in Luxembourg and its Singapore subsidiary. It also works with service providers in Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. The existing model allows it to leverage expertise in digital distribution across the globe, and partner with local entities for physical delivery.

Anticipation of Future Needs

In an ever-changing and challenging world, Victor Buck Services relies on its agility and integrity to satisfy its customers and continue its expansion. “Our aim is to pre-empt our partners’ requests and anticipate their future needs,” explains CEO Edith Magyarics, “so we can offer them the best possible service quality in very short timescales.”

Thanks to the company’s use of top-shelf technology and its exceptional governance, depth of expertise and 24/7 service, Victor Buck Services is confident that its customers enjoy consistently high standards of quality and security — wherever they are in the world.

Victor Buck Services customers cover various segments

Victor Buck Services customers cover various segments

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