Credit Where It’s Due: Fitch Wrote the Book on This One

Fitch Ratings ArticleFitch Ratings has been creating value for global markets and challenging conventional thinking since 1923, when it invented its now-familiar AAA to D ratings scale.

As a division of Fitch Group, the firm is dedicated to providing credit ratings and independent, forward-looking credit opinions. Fitch Ratings offers global perspectives shaped by local market experience and credit market expertise.

In an era of volatility and technological transformation, Fitch remains committed to providing transparency and insights to empower clients to make better-informed decisions. The additional context and perspective have helped investors to fund growth and make important judgments with greater confidence.

“As the importance of ESG concerns became increasingly apparent, Fitch was the first agency to systematically publish opinions on the relevance of ESG to individual credit ratings.”

Global interconnectedness and the current speed of change mean Fitch experts are in constant demand. The company has more than 4,000 employees drawing on the experience of some 20,000 entities, including sovereigns, businesses and investment products. Fitch’s ability to view things from all angles, simplify complex issues, and provide consistent, transparent intelligence gives it the edge in a highly competitive market.

Global Enterprise and Industry Experience

Behind Fitch’s offerings stands a global enterprise focused on credit market needs. It is backed by sector and regional specialists with profound experience and world-class insight.

  • More than 4,000 employees in over 30 countries, including 1,600 analysts
  • Coverage of 200 countries
  • 45 offices worldwide with more than half in emerging and growth markets.

Fitch Ratings is distinguished by broad sector expertise that has been developed and honed by 100 years of industry and analytical experience. Fitch’s rigorous analysis has led to the creation of market-leading tools, methodologies, indices, and analytical products to help investors manage risk and grow their businesses.

ESG, Fitch in China and More

In response to the pandemic, Fitch last year published 1,100 reports and commentaries that distinguish it from its competitors with their insight. From timely assessments of Australian bushfires and flooding in China to global lockdowns and vaccine developments, Fitch has been providing market participants with unmatched analysis and evaluation.

Fitch Group strives to expand its offering beyond credit ratings and research, market solutions and services, training and professional development. As the importance of ESG concerns became increasingly apparent, Fitch was the first agency to systematically publish opinions on the relevance of ESG to individual credit ratings. Fitch’s in-depth database — covering more than 150,000 related data points on 10,750 entities and transactions — remains unmatched.

In a bold move last year, Fitch Ratings entered China’s credit-rating market as part of the country’s partial trade deal with the US. “We’re confident that market participants will continue to value our independent analysis, transparent methodologies and rigorous ratings process in line with international best-practice,” said Danny Chen, chief executive of Fitch Bohua.

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