The Most In-Demand Office Amenities Around Europe

Privacy appears to be front-of-mind for office workers globally, with conference rooms, private office space and lockers prioritised.

Health and privacy are key concerns for workers in Europe — standing desks are this year’s surprise office amenity, with a search volume of over 50,000. Meeting and event space is also in high demand, with a combined UK search volume of 4800.


Well-designed office space incorporating suitable features can significantly impact employee satisfaction. To enable employers to understand the global workforce’s most in-demand office amenities, office design and fit-out firm Studio Alliance researched search trend data.

The Five Most Popular Office Amenities Globally

Office Amenity/ Features – Search Volume

Conference Rooms – 49,500
Private Offices – 5,400
Lockers – 4,400
Phone Booths – 4,400
Ergonomic Furniture – 1,900

Privacy has emerged as a key concern for the global workforce. Conference rooms, private offices and lockers are the top three office amenities. Employees have spoken out on their desire for private meeting spaces, in addition to space for personal belongings.

The drive for privacy and security at work is probably a result of the rise of open-space layouts that favour flexibility and a fluid structure.

“Conference rooms are still popular, as they provide a dedicated space for collaborative meetings and discussions, fostering communication.”

Office lockers are a simple way to provide security and organisation options and support flexible working, reduce clutter and prevent theft. They also promote a sense of autonomy and privacy, data show.

Health is at the top of the list for European workers.

Across the UK, France, Italy, Poland and Belgium, demand for standing desks is higher than all other office amenities. This suggests a new emphasis on health and wellbeing. The desks offer ergonomic benefits, reducing the risk of sedentary issues and promoting better posture. They can also enhance energy and focus, contributing to improved productivity.

In the UK, the search volume for conference rooms and event spaces totals 4,800, while globally, private offices and conference rooms together generate a search volume of 54,900. There’s a growing preference among employees for diverse workspaces promoting productivity, enhancing collaboration, and providing a sense of freedom.

Conference rooms are still popular, as they provide a dedicated space for collaborative meetings and discussions, fostering communication.

Event spaces are invaluable and versatile areas for meetings, presentations, and team-building activities. Particularly crucial in the context of a post-Covid, hybrid-working world, well thought-out spaces help maintain a strong company culture by offering a change of environment, reducing monotony, and facilitating team interaction.

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