You Can Take This to the Bank: Online Gaming is Here to Stay

B2B GAMING SERVICES: WINNER Best Online Gaming Platform Solution – Europe 2023 in conversation with Gabriel Chaleplis, Founder of B2B GAMING SERVICES: Gaming forward in the innumerable ways people understand, use and enjoy technology.

B2B GAMING SERVICES Founder: Gabriel Chaleplis

B2B GAMING SERVICES Founder: Gabriel Chaleplis

B2B Gaming Services (Malta) Ltd is an industry-leading provider of comprehensive platform solutions to sports betting, casino, and games in regulated markets.

Its omni-channel offering and fully managed service packages have for more than two decades made the company the partner of choice for top-tier clients.

Founder Gabriel Chaleplis has an unrivalled understanding of the gaming world, and an appreciation of the benefits that AI can bring to the sector.

What excites you about the business world in general?

The fact that one needs to be a pragmatist and a visionary at the same time. The world of business is never at a standstill, it is continuously elaborated with unknowns. The constant in this equation should be ethics and respect for one’s values. Every business decision is deemed to have circular effects, and leaves a footprint to society.

We need to be pragmatic on how we modulate the puzzle towards our business objective, and visionary as to what the end result will contribute to the “big picture”.

What lessons have you learned over the course of your career?

The key learning is that as we are in a technology-intensive business, we need to always stay ahead of our customers’ needs — and surprise them with innovation.

To make this happen, we abide by an agile operational matrix and always think of ourselves as “servant-leaders”. B2B Gaming Services was a “start-up” well before the invention of the term. We have maintained the same enthusiasm through the years, and we are always in the action process, setting new things in motion. It’s a matter of attitude.

What motivates and enthuses you about the business you now lead?

That leadership is something you earn every day. Through the years, we have abandoned more than we have adopted. We value emotional intelligence and act by it. We have stayed prudent, low profile, and resilient through numerous challenges.

I surely take pride in that, but we never rest on past accomplishments. We act by reciprocity, and will continue to do so for society at large.

What is special about your organisation’s management style?

We act with organisational agility. We have long abandoned pyramid leadership. Every role in the organisation is transformed to a “servant-leader” function. That’s not just to satisfy company objectives, but also enable overall structures, think “outside-in”, and effectively react to broader challenges.

How do you foster innovation within your organisation?

We are committed to deciphering the macro challenges and staying agile. The ultimate value of this culminates in the fact that time alone renders much of the planning obsolete, primarily because by the time any project is ready for delivery, the conditions are altered, and the offer no longer matches what the customer wants.

What are the key strengths of the team you lead? How important is your support team?

Teams make it happen! We are organised along a “businesses and functions” matrix. A project leader in one project may at the same time serve in the function of consultant in another, and have an operational support role in a third. We have seen that silos have helped no one, and working with us is, above all, an educational experience — for everyone, including myself.

What are the key traits of a good corporate leader?

Besides integrity, self-awareness, courage, respect, empathy, and gratitude, a good corporate leader needs to be a good listener, to give clear instructions, to devote time to problem resolution, and to offer suitable rewards.

What is the most important question people should ask about your business?

How does one achieve and maintain the respect of customers, partners and competitors?

The story of B2B Gaming Services isn’t a story about overriding competition, or development to its detriment. It is a common path and parallel development — because the future is always shared.

Gabriel Chaleplis, founder of B2B GAMING SERVICES, is a multi-awarded international entrepreneur of pioneering large-scale operations, fostering the future in the fledgling online betting and gaming sector (Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, South Africa, Spain, The United Kingdom), merging mutual core capabilities to global leadership.

B2B GAMING SERVICES (MALTA) LTD is an industry-leading provider of comprehensive platform solutions to sports betting, casino, and games in regulated markets.

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