Nordea Life Assurance Finland: Maintaining Focus on Key Issues Takes Assurance Company to a Winning Position

Nordea Life Finland CIO: Petra Särkkä

CIO: Petra Särkkä Photo: Petri Wäänänen

Nordea is thrilled to have been recognised for its continuous efforts for achieving exceptional customer experiences through operational excellence.

Nordea Life concentrates on simplicity, agility, efficiency and quality, and maintains a focus on positive employee experience and wellbeing. Also in constant focus are strong financial stability, and sustainable saving and investment offerings.

“We are happy and proud to have won the award for the Most Sustainable Assurance (Nordic) 2019 — for the second consecutive year,” says Chief Investment Officer Petra Särkkä.

Sustainability in Investment Practices

Sustainability is an integral part of Nordea Life’s investment strategy and processes.

The company believes that via its investments, it makes a positive contribution to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. “We are able to mitigate risks while achieving competitive returns,” says Särkkä. “We continuously aim to improve sustainability in our investment portfolios by increasing investments that are prepared to mitigate ESG risks and support transformation to a carbon-free economy.”

“Our vision is to improve the quality of life for our customers by getting the best possible returns in a responsible way, and we strive to offer responsible, value-adding solutions to our clients.”

Solution for sustainable saving and investing

In 2019, the company has taken further steps to offer sustainable investment solutions. “We have launched a new set of multi-asset investment products, called Globe Baskets,” Särkkä explains. “Through these baskets, our customers can make a positive contribution to ESG issues.

“All underlying investments in Globe Baskets have specific sustainability goals, for example, a lower carbon footprint than the reference group or benchmark, active engagement with companies to push for sustainable development, and investments in companies that build solutions for sustainable future, such as renewable energy.

In addition to this initiative, Nordea Life strives to broaden sustainable offerings.

Sustainability in Real Estate

Sustainability aspects are embedded in Nordea’s direct real estate investment process. “We want to be good ‘property owner and landlord’ to our tenants,” says Särkkä. “We focus on environmental issues, such as energy efficiency, improved trash management and reducing water use.”

“During 2019 we have actively geared our properties towards using green electricity, and we encourage our tenants to make similar decisions. We take good care of our properties, with systematic renovation and maintenance activities, and prioritise safety for tenants and construction workers. We have also initiated a process to certify the sustainability our properties.”

Nordea Life, together with other large real estate investors, participates a Finnish corporate sustainability programme. “We are actively developing tools for sustainable real estate activities and communication. In addition, we have joined Green Building Council Finland network to share knowhow and activate dialogue on how to improve the built environment and eventually make it carbon-neutral.”

Growth Companies Play a Key Role

Nordea Life has invested in several domestic and Nordic venture and growth funds. “We believe that start-up and growth companies can play a key role in developing and providing solutions to tackle global challenges,” CIO Petra Särkkä adds.

“We see that through our investments we can contribute positively to environmental issues and society, support innovation and employment as well as enhance economic growth.”

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