Nordea Life Assurance Finland: Most Sustainable Assurance Nordics 2019

The Nordea Group derives its name from the words “Nordic ideas”, underscoring its mission to develop superior solutions that reflect the Nordic values of openness, equality, and environmental responsibility. As a subsidiary of the group, Nordea Life Assurance Finland upholds the same corporate ethos, where respect and care for people and the planet are guiding principles. The company has made strategic investments in long-term employee engagement and wellbeing programmes, shoring up its status as one of the best workplaces in Finland — jumping 10 places in the overall list, and maintaining its top position in the Finnish financial sector. Open lines of communication ensure Nordea Life keeps a pulse on the needs of its workforce as well as those of its client base. The consensus from clients: simplicity is key. This is an area where Nordea Life excels, with a streamlined single core insurance system that improves agility and gives a competitive market edge. The system is a result of Nordea Life’s continued digitalisation goals to simplify processes, enhance efficiency, and improve quality. Nordea Life private and corporate clients can access insurance products and investment services through the online system or at any Nordea Bank branch. The company factors sustainability into its saving and investment decisions, and it offers a range of options, including the recently launched Nordea Globe Baskets. The baskets offer customers a chance to make a positive contribution to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues — without compromising long-term return targets. The judging panel is no stranger to Nordea Life, and is pleased to see the company continue with shrewd investment strategies that mitigate risks through careful ESG consideration. For the second consecutive year, the judges declare Nordea Life Assurance Finland as a winner, this time for the Most Sustainable Assurance award (Nordics) 2019.