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  • In creating an account with our blog you will be able to post your own work; reviews; upvote other submissions and comment your opinion. We accept essays you have already written and new work on any topic relating to economics, as long as they pass our plagiarism test.
  • We will select certain high-quality work to advertise and promote directly on our website, these essays will then be sent to high ranking economists for personal review. Those that pass muster will then be published officially in the journal.
  • It’s a useful step towards a journalistic career, and can round-out any job application.

How Long

  • Anywhere up to 1,000 words is ideal, try not to surpass this number as it will be more difficult to incorporate into the print journal
  • For the blog we can be more lenient, allowing for a maximum of 1500 words, however if it goes through to the publishing stage, we would ask for the work to be cut down.


  • Any topic that relates to economics is accepted; however, to give yourself a better chance of publication it would benefit you to avoid topics that require an overly large amount of economic theory, or formula explanation. The more room you can leave for your opinion the better.

Type of style

  • For the blog, any style of writing is acceptable as long as it is written and posted in English
  • For the print journal the work will have to be edited to fit our style guide, we will be in contact with you should it reach that stage and once it passes the editors it will be published in the next issue of the journal


  • Don’t worry about formatting; a heading and subtitles are fine if relevant
  • If you wish to include illustrations, charts or relevant pictures then please submit only hi-res images – and not too many. Say three, maximum.

Submission process

  • By creating an account with you will be able to post your own work, view other submissions, comment and upvote those that you like
  • For any further stage please do not keep asking for updates, all work submitted will be reviewed and should it pass through the selection process you will be notified. Individual questions about the progress of your article or submission will not be entered into. You will be informed if and when your submission has been accepted.

How does it benefit you?

  • You will be able to showcase your skills and ideas to a wider economic audience, to the top professionals in the field and your peers.
  • In submitting there is the chance for your work to be reviewed by some of our senior contributors
  • This could lead to us publishing your work, under your name, in the journal, which is distributed at major economic conventions, the World Economic Forum, the Annual Investment Meeting and World Investment Forum to name a few, and read by many industry leaders and CEOs.