Greece & The Euro

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European Court of Justice: Looking for the Digital Utopia

In a textbook case of be-careful-what-you-wish-for, frustrated lobbyists plying their trade in Brussels on behalf of Google, Microsoft, and other Internet giants earlier this week suggested Europe could of course always build its own search engine since the US-based ones

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Ross Jackson: A Silver Lining to Europe’s Troubles

As we await the outcome of the four-month extension of the Greek credit arrangement with the Troika (EU, IMF, ECB), this is a good time to consider various possible scenarios. Indeed, I would like to outline the one scenario that

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Greece: Attack of the Merchants of Doom Fails to Impress

President Martin Schulz of the European Parliament (EP) arrived in Athens today to read the riot act, before the Greek government does something it may come to regret. Mr Schulz travelled with a sizeable entourage of journalists to ensure the

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