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World Bank: Asian Countries are among Top Achievers on Sustainable Energy Progress

Asian countries are making a vital contribution to achieving global sustainable energy goals, a new World Bank report finds. But while the region performs strongly on ensuring electricity access for people and using more modern renewable energy, there is room

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The Time Is Now: Paradigm Shift Signals Opportunity

Few people realise that in 2013 a turning point was reached. In that year, emerging economies displaced developed markets as the main engines of global economic growth. This was not a one-off event or an oddity: it signalled no less

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Russia – Moving Borders Politely

Vladimir Putin’s index finger is hovering over the, presumably red, button that activates nuclear Armageddon. The president of Russia threatened to bring the finger down should NATO further reinforce its defence of the Baltic States or make any attempt, covert

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British Referenda and Europe: Patience Is a Conquering Virtue

Afflicted by a veritable referendum craze, Britain seems set to question its very existence. In the wake of a stunning victory at the polls, the Scottish National Party (SNP) is looking to exploit its near-monopoly on politics north of The

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