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Enhancing Integration, Unlocking Investment in West Africa

West Africa is stepping up efforts to integrate regional economies and improve the investment climate with the support of the World Bank Group. At a mid-June event in Dakar, a regional public-private dialogue framework was launched to jointly identify regional

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Magatte Wade: An African Serial Entrepreneur with a Heart

She’s none too serious, loves joking around and utterly fails to get the point of forced sex. Meet Magatte Wade, a young outspoken entrepreneur from Senegal and one of the up-and-coming power women from an awakening continent. The Davos World

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African Leaders, Business Community Push for Financing of Priority Regional Infrastructure Projects

Across Sub-Saharan Africa, poor infrastructure is a major bottleneck for sustainable development Signaling a new push and renewed commitment, the Dakar Financing Summit is focusing on regional infrastructure with a view to boosting investment and catalyzing greater cooperation By tackling

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Sahel Countries Set to Receive Record Amounts in Aid

The countries of the Sahel region are set to receive unprecedented levels of aid to help them overcome poverty and political strife. The European Union and the World Bank have pledged to disburse no less than $8bn in fresh aid

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