DESERTEC Foundation Endorses DESERTEC Power for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

desertec-2DESERTEC Power was established to advance the energy supply in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This follows the direction of the Kingdom to significantly increase the sustainable power generation from renewable energy sources with viable, feasible, efficient, and sustainable solutions that address the current and forthcoming needs in the country. It is endorsed by the German DESERTEC Foundation and its anticipated merits are welcome by experts at Saudi Arabian KA-CARE.

Acting as a regional facilitator DESERTEC Power addresses the in-kingdom needs for both renewable energy and desalinated water production. Lead by Supervisory Board Chairman Dr. Ahmed Al-Malik, former Vice Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), its activities will include the planning, realization, ownership, and likely the operation of renewable power plants as well as associated matters of education and employment.

“The DESERTEC Concept is visionary. The knowledge-driven DESERTEC Foundation, shareholders, and partners from inside and outside the Kingdom are welcome to join into this effort.”

DESERTEC Power is supported by the DESERTEC Foundation, which will provide the conceptual framework, thereby collaborating closely with Saudi experts from science, industry, and public sector. Dr. Thiemo Gropp, Director of the DESERTEC Foundation: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the potential to be a championing nation in power generation from renewable energy sources and to advance in global climate friendly development. The DESERTEC Foundation highly appreciates the opportunity to encourage the intended development through concrete projects.”

Ever since its founding in 2009, the DESERTEC Foundation has been supporting the establishment of the framework conditions for cost-effective and sustainable power generation committed to ecology and social development especially by enabling knowledge transfer, scientific collaboration and fostering business co-operation. Dr. Al-Malik emphasizes that “The DESERTEC Concept is visionary. The knowledge-driven DESERTEC Foundation, shareholders, and partners from inside and outside the Kingdom are welcome to join into this effort.”


The King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KA-CARE) was established as scientific city with the aim to contribute to the sustainable development in the Kingdom through the utilization of science, research, and industries. It acts as development agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of the generation CO2-neutral power, with a particular focus on renewable energy sources. Science, value-oriented research, and technology-driven industries shall perform to raise the living standards and quality in the Kingdom. It fosters knowledge-based development and scientific research, supports the localization of technologies and coordinates the activities of numerous scientific research institutions and centers in the Kingdom. Furthermore, it organizes local conferences and participates in international conferences to strengthen the knowledge exchange, in particular with focus on solar, to build a scientific and technical base for sustainable power supply such as in energy-efficient potable water production.

DESERTEC Foundation

The DESERTEC Foundation is a civil society initiative to shape a sustainable future. Until today it has built up a large community of supporters and a network of partners, which is active around the globe. It grew out of a network of scientists, politicians and economists, who developed the DESERTEC Concept, a comprehensive solution to combat global warming, to ensure reliable energy supply, and to support regional development. Core of the concept is the idea of a renewable energy grid, integrating all forms of renewable energies, located and used where they are at their most abundant. Arid regions and desert regions hold enormous potentials, which are mostly untapped but perfectly complement the energy mix by permanent available renewable base load energy. The aim of the Foundation is to advance the fast implementation of the DESERTEC Concept especially by providing information, enabling knowledge transfer and scientific cooperation. Furthermore, it accompanies sustainable projects that are exemplary piloting. It has developed first criteria to evaluate such projects.

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