Defining Client Expectations — and Quietly Exceeding Them — is the XM Philosophy That’s Proving a Winner

There are plenty of brokers out there — but there aren’t many like XM — a powerhouse that harnesses innovation to create tailored, lightning-fast trades.


New brokers are entering the online trading world every day, but some names tend to stand out. XM is one of those names. Amassing over 10 million clients since it was founded in 2009, XM’s meteoric rise has taken it to true global status – and it has firmly established itself as a respected industry leader. XM has earned that reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Achieving that has required a unified policy of business principles, and XM’s first focus was to prioritise client needs. That dedication is evidenced in its products, services, and the dedication of its customer experience teams. The broker delivers unparalleled trading products and services to keep up with — and stay ahead of — diverse global demand. It not only achieves that, it does so while offering personalised services that suit the individual needs of every trader.

“The broker delivers unparalleled trading products and services to keep up with — and stay ahead of — diverse global demand.”

XM offers over 1,000 trading instruments, including some 50 currency pairs and CFDs on metals, energies, and stock indices – with the spreads as low as 0.0. It offers low-cost accounts that can be tailored to meet the multilevel needs of all traders.
These products are built on a solid technological foundation. XM uses its cutting-edge equipment and expertise to continue a tradition established over a decade ago — pioneering lightning-fast execution, and a strict “no re-quotes and no rejections” policy.

Almost all trading orders — over 99 percent of them — are executed in less than a second. This means traders can rely on the swift and reliable execution so essential in the top echelons of online trading.
One of the firm’s crowning glories is the wealth of education and learning resources that it bestows on traders — at no charge. Free webinars, live trading sessions, offline workshops and tutorials help traders of all levels to improve their skills and achieve their goals. Education is key, and XM delivers just that through expert, experienced trainers. The company’s specialists are standing by to instantly provide traders with the real-world tools and resources needed for success.

Underpinning XM’s entire offering is that uncompromising commitment to its customers. The firm takes pride in going above and beyond to meet the unique and variable needs of every trader. Communication is another key to success, and with a support team versed in 30 languages — backed by 900 professionals with years-long experience in the financial industry, XM is a broker that delivers. Traders understand that, and are putting their trust in the firm they know will deliver for them — no matter where they are, or how long they’ve been trading.

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