Meets the CEO and Founder of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management: Hanno Schoklitsch

Renewable energy investors need service providers that are familiar with the investment landscape at local level, can adapt to the latest technologies, and have a clear vision of market evolution and regulation. Hanno Schoklitsch, CEO and founder of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management, reached this conclusion in 2012, when he founded the world’s first ener-tech company. This nascent sector includes organisations that use new technology to find innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and optimisation of renewable energy portfolios based on an advanced asset management.

Hanno Schoklitsch is a civil engineer and holds a masters degree from the University of Graz (Austria) in Business Administration. As a civil engineer he is specialised in the construction of hydro power stations, which gives him a solid understanding of energy assets. Fifteen years ago, he started his career in real estate investment companies belonging to German banks such as WestLB, Landesbank Berlin, and DekaBank. By heading Germany’s second largest real estate fund within DekaBank (with an investment volume of around €8.5 billion) Mr Schoklitsch explored new approaches to asset management by emphasising the correlation of data and its importance in achieving a positive economic impact on portfolios.

Mr Schoklitsch’s professional experience, and career achievements, in real estate helped him understand the potential of digitising asset management. Using big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to leverage the power of digitisation in the renewable energy sector. Since the creation of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management, Mr Schoklitsch and his team have worked tirelessly to offer renewable energy investors the necessary tools and services that enables them to develop new business models based on increasingly decentralised digital applications.

The launch of ARISTOTELES, the innovative digital tool to manage renewable energy portfolios, was the next step in transforming Kaiserwetter into a pioneering business. The solution is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and allows business investors to manage their portfolios and assets from a global perspective through an independent, standardised digital database which is properly protected against tampering. This provides investors with the real-time tools they need in order to mitigate risk and maximise transparency and return on investment – both now and over the long term.

Headquartered in Hamburg, and with branches in Madrid and Copenhagen, the company has a team of over fifty professionals. Kaiserwetter is currently focused on international expansion, by setting up up offices in North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

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