Uzbekistan ‘s Enter Engineering announces Covid years project updates and operations guidance

Picture from the Press-service of Enter Engineering showing the Uchkyr Booster Compressor Station

Picture from the Press-service of Enter Engineering showing the Uchkyr Booster Compressor Station

According to Ulugbek Usmanov, General Director at Enter Engineering:

“Enter Engineering is involved in a variety of projects central to Uzbekistan’s growth and development. From the huge and pioneering GTL project – which is part of the country’s ambitious energy strategy – to the production of more fertilisers, and boosting transport and travel infrastructure,  Enter is playing a core role.

 “The Group performed excellently in 2020, assisting the national effort to fight the pandemic, and showing resilience by continuing operations with no work stoppages. We remain very involved in projects with a very positive impact for Uzbekistan, working with best-in-class international partners, and the outlook for 2021 is good.”

Operationally, key highlights in 2020 included:

Enter’s COVID-19 response

As part of a nationwide effort to tackle the pandemic, Enter constructed a specialised multi-disciplinary medical complex for COVID-19 patients.

The complex, in the Zangiata district of the Tashkent region, can accommodate 5,000 patients. It comprises five separate buildings with wards, an intensive care unit and a surgical department. Construction was completed in just three months, reflecting Enter’s efficiency and the national importance of the project

GTL Project

During the year, significant work was carried out under at Uzbekistan’s GTL project – which is now 95% complete. The project is one of the most capital-intensive investment projects in Uzbekistan and in Central Asia, with a total cost of US$3.6 billion. During 2020:

  • 10,000 tons of steel structures were installed;
  • 94 million metres of cables were laid;
  • Welding and assembly work was completed on 450,000 DI of pipelines;
  • Installation of large technological equipment was completed; and
  • Over 12,000 specialists and 800 pieces of equipment were involved at the peak of activity

The construction and installation phases are now complete, with finishing and testing works about to commence. The project’s general contractors: Enter; Hyundai Engineering and Hyundai Engineering & Construction are working on the commissioning of equipment. Over 9,500 people continue to work at the site.

Samarkand Airport and Samarkand Tourism Center

In March 2020, work began on the reconstruction of Samarkand Airport, involving reconstruction of the runway, expansion of aircraft parking areas and modernisation of the airport’s radar systems.

Construction of the Samarkand Tourism Center is also underway. This large, 360 hectare tourism cluster is intended for domestic and international tourism and is anticipated to host next year’s Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit.

Both projects are of national importance, and contribute to the expansion of Uzbekistan’s travel, transport, and tourism infrastructure.

JSC Navoiyazot

Construction of the new JSC Navoiyazot plant is almost complete. With its added production capability of ammonia and urea this facility is of national importance.

The plant will introduce modern energy-saving technologies. Completion will meet domestic agriculture demand for urea and provide additional mineral fertilisers for grain and cotton crops. Production will also be exported to neighbouring countries in Central Asia and beyond.

Licensors are Danish company Haldor Topsoe (ammonia), Italian multinational, Saipem (synthesis) and German group, Uhde Fertilizer Technology (granulation).

In December 2020, a ceremony was held to mark the launch of a new plant for the production of PVC, caustic soda, and methanol. Completion of the plant created 900 new jobs.

Additional projects

In 2020, eight projects were launched, including construction of the Uchkyr Booster Compressor Station. Completion will  increase daily production of natural gas to 2.0 million m/ day. In 2021, ENTER has been involved in 11 active ongoing projects, two of which have been successfully commissioned.

Construction of the ‘Alan’ booster compressor station was rapidly completed in March 2021, adding one million m3 of daily gas production, from the Alan gas field in the Mirishkar district of Kashkadarya region. Modern gas turbine equipment and compressors were supplied by leading foreign companies including: Baker Hughes, General Electric (USA), Motorsich (Ukraine), Akcelik (Turkey), Denair Energy (China).

Construction of the ‘Zevardy’ booster compressor station was completed in April 2021 and set a company record. The project only took six months from first steps to commissioning. Despite the pandemic, the project was also completed with no work stoppages – testament to the hard work of Enter’s team. The station will increase daily gas production at the Zevardy field by 1.8 million m3.

In 2020, Enter demonstrated its resilience during challenging global circumstances. Whilst the Group inevitably faced some short-term disruption, the implementation of strict safety and hygiene requirements, flexible work schedules and remote working – ensured no work stoppages at any sites and continuing operations.

Key to this achievement was senior management’s strategic leadership and the patience and cooperation of the Company’s dedicated workforce.

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