Co-ordinates … Co-ordination … Action!

Asia-bound: London-based N51 is taking a City philosophy on an Eastern adventure… Building the Future of Finance!

N51 is a private investment holding company that knows where it’s going — and where it all began.

Lity of London

The name refers to the co-ordinates of N51’s original stamping ground: the City of London — 51.5074° North, 0.1278° West. But big moves are afoot for the company, so pop this one into Google Maps: 1° 17′ 24.9720” North and 103° 51′ 7.0524” East.

That takes you to Singapore: the next N51 destination. With a global business portfolio under its belt, and soon to enter the FinTech Regulatory Sandbox with the  Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS, N51 is focusing on enhancing the adoption of technology and regulation.

The penchant for GPS co-ordinates “encapsulates how we use our global expertise to maximise the skills of the founders we work with”, says CEO Thomas Edwardson.

“We chose Singapore as the ideal location to expand our investment opportunities and diversify our portfolio,” he says. “It’s one of the strongest financial centres in Asia — and we’ve established relationships with local companies.” The core focus will be to bridge the gap between defi and traditional finance in sectors including venture capital, technology metals, finance, and Bitcoin mining.

The firm’s knack for spotting opportunities in a crisis-ridden world has won it the attention of investors, including the Unity Group of Companies and Tech Invest Capital. “A lot of people are looking for well-managed risks,” notes Edwardson. Partners include Fireblocks, for tokenisation, and Kroll for regulatory and cross-border guidance.

N51 is “focused on riding the wave of the digital transition” with straightforward equity investing and added transparency. It hasn’t finished seeking new longitude and latitude co-ordinates to explore, either. After the Singapore launch, the aim is to establish a presence in the UAE and US.

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