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Edgars Stores: Best Customer Satisfaction Retailer Southern Africa 2015

The customer is always right. This old adage holds as true today as it did when the phrase was originally coined in the early 18th century by English retailers seeking an edge over the competition. At Zimbabwe’s Edgars Stores, the

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Assupol: Best Life Assurer South Africa 2015

Know your client, keep in touch, and refrain from bells and whistles. Insurance is a fairly straightforward business, or so it should ideally be: collect premiums and offer prompt succour should disaster strike. There is elegance in simplicity and South

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Absa Bank: Best SME Bank South Africa 2015

Providing a wide range of carefully designed financial solutions to start-ups and established businesses alike, South Africa’s Absa Bank – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group – aims to empower entrepreneurs with more than just credit. The bank maintains

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Excellence in Governance: Alexander Forbes Takes Best Corporate Governance Award South Africa 2014

A leading provider of financial and risk services worldwide, South Africa-based Alexander Forbes attaches supreme importance to good corporate governance. The company fully subscribes to the guidelines contained in the 2009 King III Report on corporate governance. The CFI.co Judging

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Old Mutual: Best Community Engagement Programme, South Africa, 2014

Responsibility is at the heart of Old Mutual’s  success over the past 165 years and the CFI.co judging panel is impressed  to see that core value has been translated into the community work of this financial group. The panel feels

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