Assupol: Best Life Assurer Southern Africa 2016

Serving South Africans regardless their income bracket, Assupol offers a comprehensive suite of insurance and savings products. The company has been in business since 1913 when it was founded as a burial society for civil servants. Since then, and building on an exceptionally solid reputation, Assupol has turned into a modern financial services provider, greatly expanding the range of its services and broadening the company’s client base to include all South Africans.

Thanks to the excellence of its services and the unfailingly prompt settlement of claims, Assupol, of late, has made significant inroads into the middle and higher income demographic, capturing market share from larger competitors. In fact, Assupol’s size and the resulting corporate nimbleness have allowed the company to improve the way insurance and savings products are brought to market.

Following a proactive approach, Assupol keeps close to its customers. Thanks to a vast network of branches and agents that reaches into the far corners of the country, Assupol maintains short lines of communication which, in turn, offer policyholders an iron-clad assurance that the company is never far away in times of need.

Assupol has turned a simple concept – be there to quickly help policyholders where and when needed – into a formula for enduring corporate success. The judging panel commends Assupol on its unwavering commitment to help clients navigate and overcome life’s uncertainties. For a second year running, the judges are pleased to grant Assupol the Best Life Assurer Southern Africa Award.