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Etihad Credit Insurance: Most Innovative Finance Solutions Middle East 2020

Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI) is in only its third year of operation, but the specialised state institution has already made solid contributions to employment and to the economy of the UAE. ECI, aka the UAE Federal Export Credit company, was

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RTA: Most Innovative Logistics Project Investment Team GCC 2019

To achieve its vision of safe and smooth transport for all, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) keeps a pulse on the daily ebb and flow of its traffic and transit network with an eagle eye trained on the objectives

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UAE is Recognised by CFI.co as Best FDI Destination in the Middle East

Following presentation of the Annual Investment Meeting  (AIM) Awards for FDI-agencies at a Gala Dinner at the Armani Hotel in Dubai on Monday 30th March, CFI.co was pleased to provide a special prize in further recognition of the outstanding investment

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GCC Board Directors Institute: Outstanding Contribution to Corporate Governance GCC

Since 2007, the GCC Board Director’s Institute (GCC BDI) – a non-profit entity – has helped further improve corporate governance standards throughout the Middle East. The organisation was set up by the region’s largest corporations and receives support from the

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King Abdullah Economic City wins CFI.co Award: Best Infrastructure Development for Economic Growth in The Middle East

This prize comes in recognition of KAEC’s bold investment strategy, the outstanding accomplishments of the organisation to date and the sterling development work now taking place. CFI.co believes that the necessary steps have been taken by KAEC to create the

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Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX): Most Innovative Exchange GCC

After securing its place on the influential MCSI Emerging Market Index in 2014, 1,158 foreign institutional investors opened accounts to trade on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. Now, a number of regulatory changes are in the works that will facilitate

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