Awards Programme

Back to homepage award programmes identify individuals and organisations that truly add value. We want to demonstrate through these programmes the many ways in which the economies of the world are converging: best practice can be found everywhere around the globe and we can all learn from each other. We are very interested in including those smaller companies that might otherwise go unnoticed on the international stage but still contribute to global progress. Although we do, of course, recognise larger and indeed global players, we are keen to applaud firms operating in niche areas. Initial nominations are based on input from readers, subscribers, contributors and visitors to this site. We are delighted to bring you news of some of our award winners on these pages. The Capital Finance International Judging Panel review information generated during the nomination process and draw on their members expertise to identify candidates for award consideration. Short listed nominees are often given the opportunity to furnish the judges with extra information as the process continues. then brings into focus the critical eye of a combined 170 years of business leadership and experience in financial journalism to make informed award decisions. The committee is keen to reward overall performance without allowing any sort of bias or giving undue weight to reputation in its methodology.


Visitors to this web site are invited to cast their votes in the 2024 award programmes. Open the nomination form below to make your submission. Online, subscriber and contributor nominations are weighted appropriately and all companies and individuals put forward in this way will be considered for a award. Voting is open all year round. The relevant category will be decided by the judging panel according to what they perceive as the greatest contribution of the nominee. The panel will take into account additional information provided during the nomination process and publically available material when making their decisions. However, final decisions are normally made only after informal conversations between our award directors and individual nominees or senior executives from nominated organisations. The panel place great importance on comments from nominees highlighting their key strengths and innovations. Winners are listed on this site as soon as a panel decision is made and their achievement is further celebrated in the next available issue of the print journal. Your votes are important to us and we are most grateful for this support. All nominations are treated in strict confidence.