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AXA Winterthur: Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Insurance Switzerland

AXA Winterthur is Switzerland’s leading insurer for comprehensive financial protection, responsible for offering coverage to more than 40% of the companies in Switzerland, with a portfolio of close to 1.9 million customers. As an entity, AXA Winterthur controls two separate

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UBS: Best Green Bank Switzerland

An increasing number of businesses, including banks, are adapting their corporate structures and processes to incorporate sustainability principles and reduce their CO2 footprint. Taking the lead, and setting an example, UBS has rewritten its entire long-term corporate strategy to fully

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eDreams ODIGEO: Best Online Travel Partner

Once upon a time, booking your next holiday adventure, business trip, or family visit involved many calls – in person or by phone – to airlines, travel agents, and other intermediaries. Coordinating flights and itineraries in order to obtain the

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