Deutsche Bank Belgium: Best Private Banking Solutions Belgium 2023

CEO of Deutsche Bank Belgium: Olivier Delfosse

CEO of Deutsche Bank, Belgium: Olivier Delfosse

Deutsche Bank Belgium forms part of a multinational group with a presence in 59 countries and 21 million customers in 150 countries. The bank has been serving Belgian markets since 1910 and now ranks among the top 10 commercial banks in the country. It has assembled a workforce of more than 500 multidisciplinary professionals to provide top-tier services and products in corporate, investment and private banking. Deutsche Bank Belgium specialises in investment advisory, wealth management and estate planning. Clients collaborate with dedicated private bankers at 30 advisory centres and nine private banking hubs strategically located throughout the country. In-person access is supplemented by a multichannel communication platform. The bank combines the local expertise of its team and the global reach of the group to conduct detailed analyses of financial markets and tailor services according to client needs. A network of external experts -lawyers, notaries, tax advisors are also available to assist. Deutsche Bank Belgium offers clients a choice between two service tracts: discretionary management at client’s delegation and active advisory with clients making the final decision. The bank strives to contribute towards ambitious group-wide ESG targets, including a minimum of €200bn in sustainable financing by 2023 and the regular issuance of green bonds. Deutsche Bank offers the largest range of sustainable funds among Belgian banks. The judging panel announces Deutsche Bank Belgium as the 2023 award winner for Best Private Banking Solutions (Belgium).