Active Capital Reinsurance Ltd: Best Credit Reinsurance Solutions for Institutions Latin America 2019

Active Re Award Win Best Credit Reinsurance Solutions for Institutions Latin America 2019

Since its inception in 2007, Active Capital Reinsurance (AC Re) has been proving the benefits of reliable reinsurance solutions. As financial markets worldwide were being buffeted by political and economic unrest, AC Re was recognised for its stable outlook and promising future with an upgraded credit rating of A-. As its reputation grew, AC Re registered on the radar of professional intermediaries around the world, helping the company secure new business from non-traditional markets. AC Re is headquartered in Barbados with offices in Miami, Panama, London, Madrid, facilitating its plans for regional business development. A strategic network of branches and a coterie of accomplished professionals in the reinsurance market have helped to strengthen AC Re’s market presence in Latin America and expansion into Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. The company credits its team of fresh recruits for sourcing unprecedented volumes of new clientele from these markets — and for providing the bespoke service that has kept them. AC Re anticipates a new era of connectivity and client benefits as the company flexes a strategic network from which to oversee its global business. As a previous award winner, the judging panel can attest that the momentum has continued to gain steam. In 2019 — and for the second consecutive year — the judges are delighted to present Active Capital Reinsurance with the Best Credit Reinsurance Solutions for Institutions (Latin America) award.

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