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Wafacash: Best Money Transfer Services Morocco

Morocco owes around 7% of its GDP to its diaspora of more than eight million people. To tap into this vast market that moves in excess of €5bn annually, Wafacash has teamed up with online money transfer service WorldRemit. Now,

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Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC): Best Investment Promotion Agency Africa

Ghana is open for business – big business. The country is actively looking for partners to help underwrite a number of megaprojects and has created a regulatory environment to match. For starters, Ghana aims to become the hub  and consequently

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Zenith Bank:
A Winner in Nigeria

The Bank was named Best Commercial Bank, Africa this year in view of its sterling work at home over the past 22 years and given the excellent progress it has made in other markets within Africa and further afield.  Zenith

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