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First Qatar Real Estate Development Company: Most Innovative Real Estate Development Team Middle East 2020

As its name implies, the Pearl-Qatar is a rare jewel. The sculpted island, nestling off the coast of Doha, is a feat of modern ingenuity and engineering. The project has added four square km of reclaimed land and 32 kilometres

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Tirelli & Partners: Best Exclusive Residential Property Consultancy Italy 2020

Tirelli & Partners’ property book reads like the setlist of modern fairy tales: a Roman penthouse with a two-tiered terrace, a Tuscan villa complete with vineyard and winery, a Sardinian resort with stables, paddocks and riding school. Tirelli & Partners

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SFO Group: Best Real Estate Investment Team Middle East 2019

SFO Group (“SFO”) is a leading multi-family office and an active global real estate investor with a disciplined investment strategy. The firm offers asset management services to a number of families, and views real estate as the preferred asset class

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